Functional connectivity

Phase/Amplitude Synchronization of Brain Signals During Motor Imagery BCI Tasks

In the last decade, functional connectivity (FC) has been increasingly adopted based on its ability to capture statistical dependencies between multivariate brain signals. However, the role of FC in the context of brain-computer interface …

Neurophysiological markers of longitudinal processes

Functional connectivity and brain network reorganization underlying longitudinal processes, mainly BCI training

Our RIGOLETTO approach ranked 1st to the IEEE WCCI2020 Challenge !

Very pleased to announce with [Sylvain Chevallier]( from Univ. Paris-Saclay and [Florian Yger]( from Univ. Paris-Dauphine that our method combining functional connectivity with Riemannian geometry made it 1st to the [Clinical BCI Challenge IEEE WCCI2020]( (within-subject category) ! More info to come, stay tuned !