brain-computer interface

[BCI meeting 2023] Workshop on challenges in BCI-based neurofeedback applications for neurological disorders

Together with Fabien Lotte, Camille Jeunet, Nathalie George, and Fabrizio De Vico Fallani we had the pleasure to organize a workshop dedicated to challenges faced when dealing clinical applications in BCI/NFB. All the information can be found in our [Github repository]( We plan to update it with more materials soon!

[BCI meeting 2023] Workshop on offline and online tools for real-world BCI applications!

With Sylvain Chevallier, Arthur Desbois, Pedro Rodrigues, and Pierre Clisson we organized on open-source tools for BCI applications. All the materials (slides, code, FAQ...) can be found in our [Github repository](

Participation to the next BCI meeting in Belgium!

This is going to be a great edition with: - one workshop on challenges in BCI-based neurofeedback applications for neurological disorders - co-organized with Fabien Lotte, Camille Jeunet, Nathalie George, Fabrizio De Vico Fallani, and Lin Yao - one workshop on offline and onine tools for real-world BCI applications - co-organized with Sylvain chevallier, Pierre Clisson, Pedro Rodrigues, and Arthur Desbois - one poster on the FUCONE approach - three lunches with mentors - co-organized with the Postdocs and Students Committee of the BCI Society

Organization of the next CORTICO days in Paris!

The next CORTICO days will take place in May 9-10 at Paris Brain Institute! With Sylvain Chevallier we are more than delighted to organize this event. Two exceptional keynotes will be given by Mario Chavez and Donatella Mattia! Interested in participating? 👉 Here is the [program]( ) 👉 Here is the link to [register]( Young researcher will have to opportunity to present their work on BCI to get feedbacks from experts? Please consider submitting an abstract!

Participation to the first Pyladies Paris event at Paris Brain Institute!

I had the priviledge to present my work on BCI and to discuss with the attendance on career paths in the academia. A huge thank you to the organizers of this [Paris Pyladies]( event! Materials used during the talk can be found [here](

Participation to a roundtable on neuroethics

Honoured to announce that I have been invited to participate to a roundtable on the way forward for neurotechnology governance on December, 15. This event is in line with 'The risks and challenges of neurotechnologies for human rights', a collection of articles based on an International Workshop held in 2021 and co-edited with UNESCO. This is an event organized by the Università degli studi di Milano-Bicocca. More info [here](

Functional connectivity ensemble method to enhance BCI performance (FUCONE)

Objective: Relying on the idea that functional connectivity provides important insights on the underlying dynamic of neuronal interactions, we propose a novel framework that combines functional connectivity estimators and covariance-based pipelines …

Riemannian geometry for combining functional connectivity metrics and covariance in BCI

Phase/Amplitude Synchronization of Brain Signals During Motor Imagery BCI Tasks

In the last decade, functional connectivity (FC) has been increasingly adopted based on its ability to capture statistical dependencies between multivariate brain signals. However, the role of FC in the context of brain-computer interface …

Functional disconnection of associative cortical areas predicts performance during BCI training

Brain-computer interfaces (BCIs) have been largely developed to allow communication, control, and neurofeedback in human beings. Despite their great potential, BCIs perform inconsistently across individuals and the neural processes that enable humans …